ANO token Redeployed!

AnoSwap Finance
2 min readMar 30, 2021


Hello guys!
We would like to announce, we have redeployed the ANO token.

We decided to do so because we have newly upgraded the contract with features such as “timelock”. Timelock can lock the deposited funds for a certain period. So if the users will decide in the future (by voting via governance token of course) they want some farms and pools with timelock, it will be fast & easy to set up those farms and pools.

Using timelock will be only possible if users will win the voting via ANO token.

It was easier and faster to redeploy the contract again while it's not yet commonly spread. All the winners from the previous Giveaway will receive new ANO tokens, so they won't lose anything. All winners from the current Giveaway will receive a new token already.

New ANO token is: 0x5F7605385cf31D29911b40103113cd4642544E9E

Please do not use the old one, it has no value!!!

Check it on BSCscan:

Sincerely, your dedicated team AnoSwap.



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