AnoSwap Final Goal

Dear community,

we, the AnoSwap team would like to describe to you our final goal & mission.

In the DeFi space happened a lot of rug pulls, a lot of people got scammed or lost their money on unstable projects. We want to fix it, and give to people their DeFi project, own by people, serving to people.

Our final goal is to create a DeFi site fully owned and controlled by people. AnoSwap should be the next generation yield automatic optimizer, with leveraged farming, driven by governance token.

Currently, we are moving AnoSwap to a V2 smart contract where we will distribute a percentage of fees to ANO holders.

In the future we aim to become a cross-chain platform, operating not only on Binance Smart Chain but as well on Cardano and other main networks like Ethereum, etc.

Even though our team is developing some cool features, we will implement all the good stuff from the crypto space to secure the best profits for the people. Once the token is live, every change or upgrade will be discussed by the voting via ANO token.



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