AnoSwap Finance

AnoSwap Finance
3 min readMar 28, 2021

Anonymous Swap Finance (AnoSwap) aims to become fair, transparent, stable, and fully controlled by people using it. We will implement all the good things which are out there, remove the bad ones and develop innovations for further growth!

Burning mechanism

Various farms will have a 1% input fee. All the funds (100%) from 1% will be burned, it should help ANO token with inflation. Burning will be done manually.

  • The 1% burn will be used to purchase ANO tokens from the various liquidity pools.
  • For example: If people staked BUSD-BNB LP, 1% of the LP tokens would be used to buy ANO tokens from various ANO pools.

Once the developer’s ANO tokens run out of ANO, you the people, holders of the governance token will decide, what to develop further, and how much of burned fees should be redirected to the developer’s wallet! We consider developing more as a mission than a job.

Emission reduction

We plan to implement “automatic emission reduction” to support the deflationary of the ANO token.

At the beginning of AnoSwap, emission reduction will be done manually, later the will be whole process automated. How and how much will it be is in discussion now and not decided yet. The perfect would be to vote about it with users.

VOTING MECHANISM — ANO as a Governance token

ANO token will later become as well governance token. So holders of ANO tokens will be eligible of proposing ideas and voting about them. For proposing something there will be a minimum of 10 ANO tokens. About voting rights, 1 ANO token = 1 vote. This should solve that users will get what they truly want.

Transforming to yield aggregator

We are currently building auto compounding features to maximize your profits. After launching AnoSwap, it will be later transformed to yield aggregator optimizing yields for the users.

Leveraged farming

To maximize profits, we are going to implement leveraged farming. Although now, security comes first, as investors say, the key is: Never lose money!

Leverage farming will be released after contracts will be fully audited.

Audits, Security & Rug pulls

Migrator code inherited from Pancake swap, the weak spot of many farming sites, was removed, so there is no danger of rug pull.

We will apply for audits just after the start of AnoSwap. In plan is 3 major audit companies: 1.Hacken, 2. CertiK, 3. TechRate


There is a lot of things to do. In near future, we also plan to add IFO & NFTs, which would offer new opportunities, but all things above come first.

Your dedicated AnoSwap team



AnoSwap Finance

The 3rd Generation Deflationary Yield Farm And Staking . We are fair and transparent, referring to true purpose of crypto, designed by people, for people.