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5 min readApr 30, 2021


Welcome to our Whitepaper where you will be introduced to you the AnoSwap project and its cool features. Take a seat & enjoy the ride!

What is AnoSwap

AnoSwap is a 4th generation decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain and Pancake swap exchange. AnoSwap is a hybrid of the most successful DeFi projects so far, with cool improvements & innovations.

Our mission

Anonymous Swap Finance (AnoSwap) aims to become fair, transparent, stable, and fully controlled by people using it. We will implement all the good things which are out there, remove the bad ones and develop innovations for further growth! We are referring to the original idea of Satoshi Nakamoto, to improve people’s financial possibilities.‌

The final goal is to become a fully transparent, people-driven, leading cross-chain DEX platform, with sustainable ANO token, where people can find all that they want. The users will get a rewarding system, on which they can set their passive income, yield optimization, voting system, leveraged farming, emission reduction & pretty hot burning mechanism.‌

The key for our team is security, transparency & high-profit farms for the users.


ANO token is a Binance Smart Chain based token. Where we differ from all the new tokens is through the transparency of ANO token, and their unique features.


Now on Binance Smart Chain, but we have the ambition to create a multi-chain platform, so the next step is HECO. Once is Cardano launched, we will be there, Cardano is our big priority.


The first week of May will be the official launch. The exact date will be announced.

Benefits for ANO HODLers? Yes, passive income!

Each transaction (buy/sell) of the ANO token will have a 1% fee. From this fee, 0,5% will go to token holders and 0,4% will go to the burning address and 0,1% will go to the developers’ address for further development.

As well from providing liquidity on the farms and pools will be a small fee, from this fee ANO token holders will receive their portion.

With this feature, people are motivated to HODL ANO token, they can set up a new passive income just holding it! Our auto compounding feature will send APY from staking ANO token to the MOON!

Initial farming

There are two types of farms, with entry fee and without it. Farms without the entry fee will be just with ANO token. Farms with the entry fees will be the rest, the fee will help deflationary mechanism.

For the beginning, we will start with 10 basic farms and 6 pools for staking.

The same rules are for pools. Only pool without the fee will be for staking ANO token. The other will have small fees (basically 1–2%). From those fees will go funds back to ANO token holders and for burning.

Our farms and pools will be automatically compounded! This will bring really high APYs.

We would like to be adding new farms every week. Every holder will be able to propose which farm should be added.

Automatically compounded rewards

As mentioned above, all the farms and pools will be automatically compounded. This feature will skyrocket potential gains from all farms and pools. The only thing which won't be auto compounded is “leveraged farming” which is quite difficult to implement. However, our team will make a maximum effort to implement it later.

Leveraged farming

We are hard-working on developing leveraged farming, using lending protocols to maximize your gain using leverage. Leveraged farms will not be included in “normal” farms, but will be separated from their features. Leveraged farms won't be auto compounded, although gains there will be as well high, caused by used leverage.

Burning mechanism

ANO token will have a lot of burning features. Funds from farms and pools fees will be used to buy back ANO tokens from all the farms and burned.

As well from every buys and sell ANO token will small percentage goes to the burning address.

There will be special “burning” address where will be those funds send. This address will be publicly viewable, so everyone can check it.

Emission reduction

Starting emissions of ANO token will be 1 ANO token per block. Once the token is live, we will be slowly reducing ANO token emissions to support deflationary mechanisms and to protect investors.

This will be done manually, in the upcoming weeks will be automated.

Voting system

For us, it is important not to rule. This whole project is designed as a “people's project”. So once it is live, ANO token will have a voting feature, so everybody who holds the ANO token has a full right to propose changes, ideas & improvements. Everybody is eligible to vote about this.

1 ANO token = 1 vote


We believe in the true purpose of crypto. To improve peoples financial situation, for that reason all our codes, features and informations will be public. This should improve the trust in the project, and users will be able to check every line of code.


The safety of your funds is our top priority. The original migrator code from pancakeswap was removed.

Often some nonsolid teams perform rug pull by selling a large portion of their tokens, which causes collapsing of the price token. All the initial liquidity and developers tokens will be locked for long period and will be released in small portions with time, just enough for further development.

So there is no chance of rug pull!

As one of the most famous investor said: „Never lose money!”


As well we realize we are not perfect, we will let go AnoSwap to several audits. The first audit will be done before the launch, others will follow after the launch. People will decide via the voting system which audit will be next.

Cross chain ambition

We have already mentioned that, although Binance Smart Chain is really great, we believe the future is not only on one blockchain. Therefore we will move to other blockchains as well, starting with HECO and others. Once Cardano is launched, we will be there from the absolute beginning.

Don't fight them, join them!

If you do have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on Twitter or our Telegram channel.

Thank you for reading this, enjoy your AnoSwap.

Yours dedicated AnoSwap team.



AnoSwap Finance

The 3rd Generation Deflationary Yield Farm And Staking . We are fair and transparent, referring to true purpose of crypto, designed by people, for people.